Gran signifies great and large.

Gran Systems, in the business of helping customers conducting mission definition solutions in engineering and business, devotes our passion and interests into creating and architecting great systems, products, and
large-scale system integration projects.

We dare to think, act, and implement our dreams, and make dreams a reality.

Our inspiration is "Defining the Future: from small to large."


Established in 2008, Gran Systems serves as a Think Tank, Angel Investments, System Integration, Consulting, Market Research, an multi-dimensional company involving in semiconductor equipment, new space,
precision machinery, medical equipment, makerspace industries.

In semiconductor, we represent global industry coordination functions and global market reports, develop
new technologies that goes into equipment, and plasma systems, etc.

In new technologies, we are providing micro spectrometer, micro CT concepts, and gas sensors, etc.
In New Space, our services are provided in the next paragraph. We are an National Space Organization (NSPO) supplier for cubesat launch services.

New Space Services

Gran Systems provides services in the following areas in the New Space sector :

(1) Think Tank
(2) Angel and Business Incubation
(3) System Integration

Especially, we are the Taiwan and South East Asia space gateway for the International Space Station with partnering companies,
helping teams with the following services:

(1) Satellite launch services
(2) Experiement in Space
(3) Dispenser / Deployer Test Fixture for Cubesats
(4) Micro Spectrometer and Other Instruments
(5) Sound Imaging Equipment
(6) Others

Company News

2020 Cygnus Mission

TADTE 2019

Gran Systems

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